Since 2001, we have fractionated the essential flavor compounds from dairy milk to provide food and beverages brands with natures own balancing compounds. These taste modulating molecules provide formulators with an effective way to improve the roundness, richness, flavor complexity and overall appeal of healthy foods. As natural anti-oxidants, our compounds are effective at overcoming the “oxidized” off-flavors of proteins, reduce sourness, potentiate sweetness and sodium and provide the rich physically perceived texture consumers desire.

What We've Achieved

  • Our liquid concentrate taste modulating compounds, labeled “Natural Flavors” provide astringency suppression for high protein beverages and nutrition bars.

  • Our enhanced milk solids provide ice cream makers with a cost-effective substitute for non-fat milk.

  • Our enhanced whey protein solutions enhance food and beverage applications with a “true milk” flavor, astringency suppression and potentiation of flavor systems.

  • We’ve created the first “true milk” flavor system for high protein, (14g-16g/cup), 50% sugar reduced, lactose-free white and chocolate milk that is all natural.

  • We’ve created smooth and creamy “Greek Yogurt” by removing the protein astringency in both cup-set and blended formulations.