Need to reduce fat, sugar and salt in your formulations?

Our taste-modulating flavor compounds enable you to create healthy food and beverages that deliver delicious taste experiences.


Our natural balancing compounds, fractionated from dairy milk, provide foods and beverages with:

-physically perceived richness and creaminess;

- sweetness and sodium potentiation;

- high intensity sweetener metallic taste quality suppression;

- sourness suppression and;

- protein astringency modulation.

Concentrated to 700X, our natural flavor concentrate is heat stable, provides natural anti-oxidant capabilities and is highly efficacious at very low inclusion levels.

Whole Flavors natural taste modulating compounds comprise a group of taste-active molecules fractionated from dairy milk that provide unique sensory impressions through transient receptor potential (TRP) sensor mediations. Our flavor system and flavor-enhanced milk solids provide:

  • “Kokumi” molecular texturization for smooth creaminess

  • Enriched mouthfeel, astringency suppression and textural complexity

  • Natural suppression of protein off-flavors

  • High intensity sweetener metallic off-flavor modulation

  • Whey protein off-flavor modulation